We designed Govlaunch specifically for local government innovators. While anyone can search certain parts of the site, most functionality is restricted to verified local government users. 

Our community was built with some of the following government roles in mind (in no particular order):

  • Innovation officers

  • Information or technology officers

  • Strategic officers

  • Town, City or County managers

  • Elected officials

  • Data analysts

  • GIS teams

  • Citizen engagement and services 

  • Communications officers

  • Procurement and contracts

  • Designers

  • Performance managers

Whether you’re an elected official, city manager, government technologist, data wrangler, or you’re simply interested in government innovation, we hope you’ll get inspired and get involved in Govlaunch.

What about state governments?

State and local governments are similar in many ways, but they're ultimately different beasts. The decision to make Govlaunch's core community exclusively for local governments was considered carefully as we worked toward our V1, incorporating feedback from over 100 local governments. 

In order to achieve our mission of making valuable information more easily sharable, accessible, and applicable, we decided that a core community of local governments and their civic partners was the way to go.

That being said, there is certainly a place for state innovation and information offices to get involved. Contact us for more information.

You mentioned civic groups?

Yes, we are currently experimenting with ways to give select civic groups and government associations restricted access to the platform. Some more information on that here

Interested in participating? Ping us at hello@govlaunch.com.

What about companies?

We allow companies to join Govlaunch in order to edit their profiles and add/edit their solutions. They are not given access to the wider platform nor can they solicit government users.

What's Next?

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