No. And this is important. Here's why:

There have been a number of civic groups that have tried to build something like Govlaunch.

We studied all of these attempts and talked with hundreds of local governments and civic hackers and here is what we learned:

  • While civic groups have the best intentions, this all-encompassing concept is not their core.

  • It takes a lot of resources and time to build something that is going to grow and last.

  • It’s not going to happen overnight.

We also participate in a number of Slack and Discourse groups (Urban.US, ELGL, CFA, etc.) and they're all great options for communication – less so for sharing/documenting what governments are doing to innovate.

We sincerely believe that to successfully build something like Govlaunch, you need sustained effort from a talented and dedicated full-time team and sufficient financial backing. 

Further, you need a core team focused not only on functionality and consistent improvement to the wiki, but ease of use. We've set out to build a beautiful platform on cutting technology that is a pleasure to use. 

Here’s hoping you'll join us or pass us along to anyone who thinks local government innovation is the bee's knees. 😉

More info on our monetization strategy can be found here.

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