Hi, Lindsay and James here! πŸ‘‹A little about us and why we decided to build Govlaunch...

James Alfano / Co-Founder & CEO

James has an extensive background working with local governments. Prior to Govlaunch, James co-founded EfficientGov, a local government-focused media company which was acquired by Praetorian Digital in 2014. Before that, he spent six years at the Washington D.C.-based consulting firm Marlowe & Company helping over 50 cities and counties secure grant funding and navigate federal regulatory issues. James is a native Washingtonian and a graduate from Dartmouth College.

Lindsay Pica / Co-Founder & COO

Lindsay has six years experience in banking and finance industries and three years managing an international managed service provider focused on innovation and cutting edge technologies.Β 

Translation: James has the vision and industry expertise and Lindsay makes it happen...with some help from our mini but mighty team! πŸ’ͺΒ 

We've set out to connect local government leaders and their civic partners and empower them to collectively solve big problems with technology and innovative practices.Β 

And we've built the first and only digital community platform designed to do exactly that! You in?

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