In Govlaunch, we've built a crowdsourcing engine that empowers government innovators to quickly (and painlessly) share how they're improving their communities.

But Govlaunch is more than that. 

What truly makes the platform unique is that it connects government teams around the technologies and innovations they’re implementing, and then organizes all of this crowdsourced information into a living directory of what’s working, where.

When a user adds a project on our site, we categorize it and link it to their respective government. If a product or tool was involved, we link that too.

Because everything is interconnected, we give you powerful ways to search.

What's working, where?

Curious about chatbots? On Govlaunch, you can quickly find out what governments are experimenting with chatbots, how they're being implemented and what tools, if any, are being used. 

Want to know what products the City of Pittsburgh is using, or what the Town of Cary is currently working on? 

All of this is possible too.

There's a whole lot more to what we've built, but we think the best way to discover Govlaunch is to try it out!

What's Next?

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